Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's finally halloween! Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays for many years. I love all things spooky! Even though I won't be doing much this halloween, I still wanted to create a playlist inspired by our favorite Disney villains! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tunes #4

I heard this song for the first time on Saturday night. It was one of those tunes I downloaded for free on my starbucks app. Seriously though; Starbucks really knows some great music. I get a lot of my favorite songs from that app. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

INFLUENSTER: Varsity Vox Box Review

GUYS. I know. It's been forever. And I'm sorry about that but a girls got to do good in school, right?! And speaking of school, I have another Vox Box to review! This one was sent to me, by influenster, because I am a college student. How fitting! If you don't know what influenster is, just take a peek over at my first post to read all about it! This box, titled the Varsity Vox Box, is filled with products that make life easier for the full-time college student. Inside the box we received Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash, Airheads Xtremes Bites, Kiss Nail Dress, NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss, and Tide Pods. Phew. That was a mouth-full. Now onward to the reviews!

The first product is the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash. The box came with three trial-sized packets. I was hoping this was going to be a great product but, honestly, it's just another face wash. It's infused with raspberry and cranberry extracts but the scents still was not appealing to me whatsoever. At $6.49 a bottle, I wouldn't say this product is worth it. 

Don't even get me started on how gaudy these nail strips are. This product, Kiss Nail Dress, came with probably the tackiest pattern you could imagine. With the neon colors and the mix of animal print they couldn't be less my style. For this reason, I didn't actually try them on. Plus they wouldn't be allowed at my neutral-nails-only workplace. But I do feel that stick on nails are kind-of overrated. I understand the appeal when it comes to the design but I feel it's easier to just paint your nails. At $6.99 a box, I'd just buy a nice bottle of OPI and call it a day. 
The next product is something that I may actually start enjoying. The NYC Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss (that is such a mouthful) claims to be a lip gloss that adds up 50% more volume and four hours of shine. I wouldn't exactly say that's true. Do I feel a tingling sensation when I first apply the gloss? Yes. But that could just be the peppermint I taste and smell. Four hours of shine? I don't think so. This gloss lasted an hour, max. Although it doesn't really do what it claims, this gloss is very pretty. The color I received, Pleasantly Plump Pink, is really sheer pink shade that enhances your natural lip color. Another great thing about this product is the doe-foot applicator; it's huge! One sweep and it covers your lips! I'll probably keep this product in my bag for the color, but it's not very plumping.

Last product in the Vox Box is Tide Pods. This little plastic packages contain detergent, stain fighter, and brightener. You pop them into the washing machine and they do all of the work for you. Easy right? Perfect for the college student living in a dorm. There's not need for clunky tubs of fabric softener and detergent and no need for measuring! Just pop one in and done! I used these on my sheets and let me tell you they do the job. My sheets are clean and they smell good. Do you really need anything else? 

All in all, this box was pretty disappointing. Of the five products, I only completely enjoyed about one. I feel bad know that I received these products for free but I'm doing my job, right? I'm allowed to have my own opinions. Nothing truly offended me in quality and nothing really wowed me either. I do appreciate that these companies and Influenster valued my opinions, though. I can't wait for the next box! 

Are any of you influensters? What vox boxes have you received? 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap from Influenster

It's that time again! I was lucky enough to be hand-selected by Influenster to test out Palmolive's new dish soap, Palmolive Fresh Infusions! Palmolive Fresh Infusions was designed with elegant simplicity and the freshest scents in mind. In the box came three fragrances that were inspired by nature; Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, and Ginger White Tea (shown respectively in the photo above).

When I first opened the box, I was a little disappointed to find that my Lemon Tyme dish soap had exploded in transit and was all over the box. Oh no! But never fear, I still have plenty left and the bottle was easy enough to clean off. This was the scent that I chose to give to my mom. She loves the lemon scent and the color matches our kitchen decor.

The one my roommate and I chose to use for ourselves in our dorm was Ginger White Tea. When I first used it, the soap was so sudsy that my sink overflowed! I had to let the soap die down before I could even keep washing. So keep this in mind when you're going to use it; a dime-sized squirt goes a long way!

All-in-all, I was impressed by the designer scents! If you want to get them for yourself, just head to your local Walmart and pick one up! The bottles retail at $2.96 for a 16 ounce bottle. What a deal! They smell great, look amazing in your kitchen and they get the job done. Thanks again, Influenster!

*Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap was sent to me complimentary for testing purposes by Influenster.*

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Tunes #3

Here is a great little tune I discovered on the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Soundtrack. It's so catchy and I love that Ellie Goulding is mixing her sound with Skrillex. Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Week in Photos No. 7

Playing Harry Potter Clue with my co-workers // Breaking Dawn Part 2 at 10:50 on the 15th. Lucky Me! // Christmas at the Mall // Saying goodbye to Hostess :( // Finally bought the final soundtrack. It's amazeballs! // My first try at Pumpkin Fizz. It was pretty delicious!

I had a pretty great week this week. Went to a co-workers house for Taco Tuesday and some wii games, got to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 even thought I wasn't sure I was going to be able to (IT WAS INCREDIBLE), went shopping with co-workers, and I got to go home this weekend! Oh and I got to play in the parks! Yippee! I hope everyone had a great week, as well and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday if you're from America!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twilight Mini Series // Bella Swan

Hello to my lovely reader(s)! Today I have for you the third look in my Twilight Mini Series: Bella Swan! This extremely nude and natural look is great for everyday and it's really easy to achieve! 

In the books, Bella is described to have an, "ehh I don't really care" attitude when it comes to makeup and fashion. She's been know to go to school with literally just brushing her hair; so it makes sense that, for her portrayal in the movie, her makeup would be as natural and minimal as possible. 
Products Used: 
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Urban Decay Naked Palette: Naked, Buck
- NYX Eyeliner Pencil: Brown
- Maybelline One-By-One Volume Express Mascara in Waterproof
- Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer: Blushed and Bronzed
- Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I hope you all enjoyed this look and stay tuned for more!