Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Re-Launch of!

I just want to take a minute to talk about this really amazing website called Influenster. Through Influenster you can sign up for account that lets you access surveys and quizzes that unlock badges based on your lifestyle. With these badges, you get qualified to receive free VoxBoxes. What is a VoxBox, you ask? A VoxBox is a physical box filled with sample or full-size products that companies send to Influenster for you to test; for FREE! All you have to do it write honest reviews for the products!

Recently, Influenster went through a much-needed update on their website and I think it looks fabulous! Before, the website was really out-dated and it didn't really do that much. Now I looks new and clean and it does so much more than before! There are still a few kinks and glitches here-and-there with the layout and such but, overall, I think the website is fantastic!

Influenster is a really great company and I think you should check them out! They have badges for everyone! If you want to see my profile, you can check it out here. They come out with VoxBoxes every few months, or so, so sign up now to get your VoxBox!

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